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HSUS and PETA com/watch? v=ta8GdABQPHA

Here is what a few of you had to say:

Every dollar sent to HSUS hurts a shelter pet.
This is $120 MILLION a year that could be going into local shelters and direct relief programs, instead of funding militant anti-meat vegetarian campaigns. $6 million out of a $120 million dollar budget is a slap in the face to real rescuers. If you donate to HSUS in the mistaken (but careful crafted program) belief it goes to real shelters, PLEASE STOP NOW. write a check, or better yet, volunteer at your community humane society
When you hear the words Humane Society, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Is it a pet shelter where families can adopt unwanted dogs and cats? Or is it a super-rich animal rights lobbying group that runs absolutely no pet shelters, and gives less than 4 percent of its $100 million budget to those who do?
HUSA is in league with PETA … and PETA doesn’t want anyone having pets at all. All the legislation they support and lobby for is legislation that will take away your rights as a pet owner and … if they have their way … eventually make it so owning pets of any kind is illegal at all.  Don’t donate to HUSA. Please give to your local shelters. And, on that note, check out your local shelters and rescues before donating. HUSA isn’t the only rat in the cellar.
And they got this off the tv station website pretty quick. H$U$ is a cheating, lying organization. They money off animals and do nothing to help them. I think they should be investigated. Now they are trying to infiltrate CHURCHES. Wayne Pacelle sucks! H$U$ sucks! They also support terrorists. Where’s the Katrina money? They buy their way out of everything they get caught red handed in. Block them wherever you can and get the word out!

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