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HSUS and Their Donation Requests

Don’t think for one minute that the H$U$ will spend its money on such rescues.  They are a money-making illegal non-profit corporate-machine, and this kind of ad is intentionally emotional blackmail to keep the money flowing.  They did a huge publicity event similar to this following hurricane Katrina and raised nearly $40 million.  When the victims of Katrina wanted their animals back, H$U$ could not explain where they went other than “to shelters”.  When those State Attorney Generals pursued them by following the money, HSUS donated funds to build new animal control facilities in 2 states… at a cost of around $3 million.  They weren’t pursued any longer, but I wonder where the money went… to fuel more campaigns like this one.  Yes, their IRS Tax reports do show supporting shelters… almost 1% of their total $1.5 Billion [depending upon the year filed].

Yeah, you found my “hot button”.  Oh, and yes, I can prove everything I just wrote above.. mostly from the H$U$ themselves!


Tony Yarbrough

BKC/RKC Legislative Laision

NvPAW Director of Planning & Organizing

Animal Welfare Evangelist

I know you care about the animals saved by our tireless Animal Rescue Team, so I want to share a team update.

In just the past month, our Animal Rescue Team has been on the ground saving hundreds of animals wherever and whenever they’re in need: We’ve helped to rescue nearly 700 cats from appalling conditions in Florida; assisted with saving 94 horses seized in Wyoming; saved 158 neglected dogs from a hoarding situation; and rescued nearly 300 dogs from a puppy mill in North Carolina. We worked alongside law enforcement to shut down a suspected dogfighting operation in Indiana. And we’ve also worked in North Dakota and Missouri to help hundreds of other animal victims of tornadoes and floods.

Unfortunately, with the number of animals in crisis nationwide over the past few months — and the prediction of bad weather ahead — our rescue budget is stretched thin due to so many demands. Without your generous support, we would have had difficulty responding to these many rescue requests — will you help us continue?

You can see some of the animals we’ve already saved in the slideshow of our rescues so far this year. Thanks to the hard work of our Animal Rescue Team, these animals are safe from harm — and many we saved from disasters like the tornadoes in Missouri are now even reconnected with their families. But with record floods predicted through the summer, thousands of people and animals could be in jeopardy, and we need to make sure our Animal Rescue Team has the resources to continue helping animals whenever and wherever they need our help.

Please help to keep our Animal Rescue Team in the field by making an emergency gift today.

Thank you for all you do for animals,

Wayne Pacelle
President & CEO
The Humane Society of the United States

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