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HSUS Targeted By Watchdog Group

CCF thinks HSUS has gotten too big for their britches and plans to bring them to their knees.  Through a blog by their Director of Research, David Martosko, a library and database they plan to scrutinize the group they refer to as “the animal rights industry’s most powerful player.”

HumaneWatch believes the American public is being tricked by HSUS into believing their donations go primarily to local animal shelters to help individual cats and dogs, when most of the money actually goes toward legislative issues.

Martosko said, “Someone has to ask the hard questions about the Humane Society of the United States, and HumaneWatch will be a relentless source of useful information.  Nearly 1 million Americans donate money to HSUS every year.  And most are completely unaware that they’re bankrolling PETA-style propaganda, far-reaching anti-meat campaigns, a huge staff of lawyers, and bloated pension plans for HSUS executives.”

In Pacelle’s blog he quotes a statement from Rick Berman of CCF that states:  “With the passage of California’s Proposition 2, more people have come to realize the evolving threat of the power, influence, and growing wealth of the Humane Society of the United States.  Ballot initiatives and legislation similar to Prop. 2 will soon be introduced in more states.  HSUS’s massive budget, unwarranted positive public reputation, and deep-pocketed Hollywood friends will only become a greater threat to industry in a post –Proposition 2 business environment.  It is crucial that a key broad cross section of agriculture leaders start managing this nationwide threat now, before it is too late or too expensive to match HSUS dollar for dollar.”

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