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Is Your Dog Is Tax Deductible?

Pets also provide health benefits for the people living with them.  Studies have shown that pets can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, reduce stress and provide companionship to ease feeling of loneliness.
In fact, the Human-Animal Bond has shown to be so beneficial to people’s emotional and physical health and happiness that Congressional Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R, MI) has introduced a bill (HR3501) to amend the Internal Revenue Code to deduct pet care expenses.  The Act is know as the “Humanity and Pets Partnered Through the Year Act” or HAPPY Act.

H.R. 3501, a concise and simple bill, also known as the Humanity and Pets Partnered through the Years (HAPPY) Act would amend the Internal Revenue code of 1986 to allow deductions of up to $3,500 annually for “qualified pet care expenses.” This bill defines “qualified pet care expenses” as “amounts paid in connection with providing care (including veterinary care) for a qualified pet other than any expense in connection with the acquisition of the qualified pet.”

So, if you want to deduct your payment of thousands of dollars for your new designer dog, you’re out of luck; but if that fancy dog gets sick, needs surgery, or requires a special kind of food, as long as the expenses don’t go over $3,500 a year, they would be tax deductable. Also deductable is the general care and upkeep of your not-so-fancy pooch. Under this bill, regular vet visits, teeth cleanings, food, and other necessities are completely tax deductable.

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