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As I am sure you know by now, I am constantly doing research and reading up on the best things for my dogs, so the way I do things is constantly changing. Here is my latest advice where vaccinations are concerned. Of course you should do your own research and decide what is best for you, but I know many of you don’t have the hours to spend in front of your computer that I do. If you have just gotten a puppy from me you already know this, but if it has been a while or you don’t have one of my pups I am sure some of this will be new to you.

Dr. Ronald Schultz, one of two experts (Jean Dodd being the other), says to get strong titers test once and then presume lifetime immunity for parvo and distemper. Even if titers weaken over the years, most experts believe that the body has cellular memory.

We follow the Jean Dodd vaccination protocol around here and only administer the Parvo/Distemper shot made specifically for puppies. I have done a ton of research on not doing any vaccinations at all, but haven’t been convinced to do so at this time. I do administer nodes Thuja (others) or Lyssin (rabies) before and after puppy vaccinations and have never had a reaction to vaccines. Please note, if your dog is having health problems the first place I would start before antibiotics and all the other drugs vets love to pump our poor pooches full of would be with these two nodes. They have been known to help remove the toxins your dog has been poisoned with from vaccinations. Late is better than never. One puppy vaccination at 8 weeks is the only vaccination I give my own dogs. I follow that with a titers blood test at 11 weeks to insure lifetime coverage. I recommend this same protocol to my puppy buyers. I don’t discuss the rabies much since it is required by law and people have to do what they feel they have to do. Rabies is the very worst of all the vaccinations, I do recommend giving a node before and immediately after to cut down on the reactions. Reactions from this horrible vaccine more often than not pop up years later after it is administered in various forms such as organ failures (most notably kidney), cancers, leukemia, immune diseases etc.

I recommend doing the research and deciding what is best for your dog before even going to your vet for the first time. I always ask my new puppy owners to print out the Jean Dodd vaccination protocol from their puppy packet and take it with them to hand to their vet. It is very hard for them to argue or say anything against the foremost authority in the country on vaccinations. It is much easier for them to argue with you since they feel they know better than you do. Since my pups have already had their 8 week vaccinations, just getting the titers test to assure coverage will often times get the vet to leave you alone where vaccinations are concerned. You can even request at the time that they take you off any future vaccination mailing or phone call lists to drum up business since you are following the Jean Dodd vaccination schedules and their notifications for routine vaccinations will not apply to you and your healthy puppy.

As I am sure you are aware by now our Blue Lacys are more sensitive to vaccinations due to their blue gene so you need to always keep this in mind.

Stephanie Schenk ~ – ABLA President

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