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Latest on Bill to End Dog Breeding in Cal.

Assembly Bill 1634 would have originally required all dogs over six months to be spayed or neutered. It has since been amended 9 times, but still remains a problem. In it’s current form, the bill mandates that if your subject to three “complaints” about an unspayed or unneutered dog, you must have the dog spayed/neutered. As written, the definition of “complaint” includes no burden of proof in regards to a violation having taken place; instead it only calls for an allegation to be made. Since the bill lacks the requirement for animal control officers to verify violations of law have taken place, this could ultimately subject law-abiding dog owners to fines and having their dog spayed or neutered. 
Status– The bill did not pass the Senate before the end of their legislative session. USSA and coalition partners organized sportsmen’s grassroots opposition to the bill.

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