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Cross Breeding To Black Mouthed Curs

The people that run other Registries keep lying about all Lacys having the black mask because they cross bred to a Black Mouthed Cur and are now producing pups that look like that breed with the black mask. I have been reluctant to spend the money to do an unnecessary genetic test since it is just SO ridiculous a claim. They have also lied and said they tested Calamity’s parents which is impossible if she isn’t at least a carrier. If the black mask was supposed to be in the breed it would have been included in the original breed standard but the breed only calls for tri colored dogs, blues and reds. For SOME reason people have just decided to overlook this fact and are actually believing these cross breeders. So I have broken down and done a genetic test on Calamity which is the foundation bitch of so many of our breeders. And of course as expected here are the results, once again proving what liars and cross breeders are doing to destroy this incredible breed. JUST because someone is running a registry doesn’t mean they are automatically to be trusted not to cross breed or not purposely breed health issues like cleft palates into the breed. I line breed so any health issues or black mask would have shown itself by now if there were any in my bloodlines!


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