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New Strain Of Parvo Virus

In 2006, Dr. Kapil at Oklahoma State diagnosed Parvo Virus 2c in the United States. 2c Parvo affected puppies are found dead or extremely sick often not wanting to raise their head. As one kennel put it the puppies have the “want to die look”. This look is much like the original Parvo of the 1980´s.

The recent diagnosis of the new 2c strain in a Nebraska kennel makes us realize the new strain is closing in on all kennels in the US. In Europe, 2c Parvo Virus emerged and in a few years became 60% of the European Parvo virus being diagnosed. We can expect that to happen in the US as well.

So where do we get 2c Parvo Virus? The original Parvo 2 virus only affected dogs and did not affect wildlife or cats. The newer strains including 2b and 2c Parvo can go back and forth to wild life. That gives the new strains an advantage in spreading the disease and in keeping the virus in the environment. Cats can also get Parvo but if the cat is vaccinated for feline distemper, Panleukopenia (a Parvo virus also), they can not get Canine Parvo virus.

So how do we keep ahead of Parvo? Oklahoma State University has been on the cutting edge of kennel health and I would like to thank them for that. An accurate diagnosis is the first step in preventing Parvo disease. The second step is to evaluate the Parvo vaccine and disinfection protocol you are using and decide if you are positioned to prevent this new 2c Parvo strain. Third you need to start early and be sure to give two Parvo vaccines, two weeks apart one week before your puppies leave the kennel.

“Active solid immunity before exposure to the wild Parvo virus”. In this business of raising the perfect pet this is our Parvo goal. Your puppies will be exposed to Parvo so keeping the immunity high and the wild virus low prevents the disease. Parvo protection is 50% disinfection and cleaning to keep the wild virus numbers low. The other 50% is what vaccine is being used and the timing.

Don´t get caught with your Parvo protection inadequate. Ask about 2c Parvo protection before you have to deal with it!

Dr. Don Bramlage (Dr. B)
Dog Breeder and
Intervet Schering-Plough

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