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New USDA proposed law~

If you own 4 bitches and place any puppies over the internet then it effects you. Since I place ALL of my puppies through the internet as I live in the boondocks and use a puppy cam and pics on my website it effects me. It has nothing to do with whether you raise your puppies in your home or not. That is the whole point. If you own more than 4 in tact bitches and place one puppy through the internet then you will be forced to raise all of your dogs and PUPPIES in horrible cages. Since most Texas Lacy breeders keep their dogs in kennels and pens, maybe they don’t have a problem with this bill. We however, do! Forcing the small breeder who loves their dogs and has a hands on approach to raising puppies into raising them as a puppy miller. If you aren’t vehemently against this new law as a dog lover whether you are a breeder or not then you don’t know what this new bill entails. If you are just a dog lover then you should be fighting this bill tooth and nail because it means if you look to obtain a puppy in the future it won’t be coming from a loving breeder who raises that puppy in their home, but by a breeder who is forced to raise that puppy in a cage to USDA standards. And picking the pup up doesn’t matter. Most of my puppy owners fly in and pick up their pup and fly out, but they first see their pup on the internet and place their deposits or pay for them after they see them. They are not going to spend $1000 to fly in see their pup and pick it and then spend the same amount to fly back in and pick up their pup 8 weeks later. THAT is what this bill is about.

Not ONLY that, but for those of us who also raise Champion lines in another breed such as myself and French Bulldogs, when we seek to bring new blood into our breeding program we will be forced to get that new pup from one of the USDA approved breeders rather than from a loving breeder who breeds Champion bloodlines. So the USDA will be not only downgrading the quality of our new pups, but hugely downgrading how those pups are raised.

The people are pushing to pass this law by making it look like it is aimed at the puppy millers when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just as HSUS, who is against anyone owning any kind of animal at all, preys on peoples sentiments against horrible treatment of animals when actually 1% of the money they collect goes towards helping animals and the rest goes towards lobbying and payoffs against our rights to own animals. This law is preying on peoples sentiments against puppy millers when it is actually aimed at small breeders. If it weren’t aimed at small breeders the number 4 would be a lot higher. They are aiming this at AKC breeders of Champions and small hobby breeders. Just one more step on the road to taking away our rights to own or produce any quality animals at all. I am sure if you could see behind the scenes you would see a huge payoff from HSUS in there somewhere and find them behind this.

Watching the horrible commercials of puppy mill conditions and assuming this bill is aimed at them is no excuse for not educating yourselves and knowing what this bill is really about. Just the fact that HSUS has come right out and publicly attacked the AKC for fighting against it should tell you there is something definitely up. The AKC has their own department that does kennel inspections and does tens of thousands of them every year to make sure its larger breeders are breeding in healthy environments why would they fight a bill helping them to do that unless there was something wrong with it?

 What does USDA licensed facility mean?

Double floor drains, all surfaces touched by animals waterproof and sterilized every two
weeks with your choice of live steam under pressure, 180 degree water and detergent
with disinfectant, or a combination detergent/disinfectant product.
· No more gravel runs – they must be concrete with drains.
· Separate facility for bitches within two weeks of whelp and puppies.
· Separate facility for puppies (they cannot be with adults).
· NO breeding stock or puppies in your home unless it meets the requirements. Your
house is NOT impervious to moisture, so therefore not up to USDA code.

· Separate food preparation area from your kitchen.

Great article on “Humane Watch”, they do an excellent job of getting the word out about HSUS’s hidden agenda. their billboards in Times Square!

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