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No Raw Diet/Calcium For Pregnant Blue Lacy

Calcium was once recommended to prevent preeclampsia but more recent and consistent scientific evidence has shown that a daily calcium supplementation does not prevent eclampsia and may actually worsen it. Indeed, if the expectant bitch is on a quality diet, calcium supplementation is unnecessary and may, on the contrary, cause a deregulation of her natural metabolism to mobilize calcium from her bones once the lactation will initiate.  If the bitch is supplemented with high levels of calcium during pregnancy she will be unable to keep up with the metabolic demands which will suddenly and dramatically increase at the initiation of the lactation, which may result in severe health complications.

Dietary supplements, such as meats, milk, vitamins and minerals are generally not recommended if a high-quality growth/lactation diet is fed. Feeding excessive amounts of calcium or vitamin D can cause calcification of the soft tissues of the fetus, as well as other birth defects. Although lactation requires large amounts of calcium, supplementation during pregnancy does not prevent calcium depletion during lactation (eclampsia) and may actually compound the problem. Supplementation with meat products can reduce the carbohydrate content of the diet and can be associated with hypoglycemia and stillbirths.

Rebound is an electrolyte for dogs (chicken flavor) like pedialyte for kids only dogs like it  :teeth: The calcium is absorbed into the bloodstream without having to get to the stomach or intestines.

“Six hrs after 1st puppy you can start to give Tums 500-600 (depending on tablet
dosage) of oral calcium every 4 hrs.” Then 1 or 2 a day thereafter.

For large litters I also  recommend feeding sweet potatoes it helps in milk production.

You can also use Fenugreek for milk production and will also bring milk in for a bitch if you have a orphaned pup you need to feed. (I’ve also heard from another breeder to be careful to not spill on yourself as it can be absorbed through the skin and have the same effect on women. lol)

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