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Nosodes Instead Of Vaccinations~

Nosodes for our children instead of Vaccinations, the same is true for our pets: Truly educating oneself about vaccination requires an open minded analysis of the gray areas – the very areas that pharmaceutical companies and most likely your own doctor don’t like to admit even exist. Admitting these gray areas have validity would mean that the haste to vaccinate at a well child visit would be greatly reduced or eliminated and parents would become much more comfortable with a wait and see attitude with regard to shots.

The sad truth is that most people get so emotionally invested in either the white or black side of the vaccination argument that they are prevented intellectually from seeing the glaring holes in the opinions they hold. Let’s examine a very important gray area of the vaccination issue that is rarely discussed or written about.

Nosodes Instead of Shots
What if you could skip all those toxic vaccines and still provide your child with protection during epidemics?
Taking a nosode for a specific germ boosts immunity and confers a level of protection from contracting it. For example, the nosode for flu prevention is oscillococcinum. The nosode for diptheria is diptherinum. The nosode for tuberculosis is tuberculinum and the one for measles is morbillinum. Use of nosodes is a modern approach to homeopathy that is not always looked upon favorably by classical homeopaths who prefer constitutional treatment of the whole person taking into the account the unique characteristics of each individual. While constitutional treatment of the whole person is certainly important, use of nosodes for exceptional circumstances also has a valid place in homeopathy.

Hopefully, this knowledge about homeopathic nosodes will provide the level of comfort that some parents on the fence need to refuse shots for their children. There is no need to inject toxic substances into your child’s bloodstream to induce temporary immunity for an illness for which there is no current epidemic and for which nontoxic alternatives such as nosodes exist should an epidemic ever materialize! – See more at:

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