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The Tucson BORSTAR team is comprised of approximately forty (40) fulltime law enforcement agents who maintain the collateral duty of specializing in search and rescue. The unit has five (5) canine teams currently holding certifications through the US Border Patrol in Trailing and SAR Area Search & Obedience. One of the teams is dual certified in Human Remains Detection (HRD) through the US Border Patrol and the North American Police Working Dog Association (NAPWDA).

The NSDA Back-Tracking Certification is a unique and prestigious certification. Prior to this certification, only one canine team in the nation was certified through NSDA in Back Tracking. The certification of all five (5) BORSTAR canine teams in the USBP Tucson Sector is an amazing accomplishment and is a testimony to the incredible and unique work these teams accomplish on a regular basis. Case in point, during the certification process, a USBP SAR mission initiated and a canine team was requested. The search was for an eleven year-old boy separated from his mother at time of arrest. The responding canine team started a back track to the last known location and then transitioned into a forward track ultimately leading to the location of the boy and several other individuals. The canine team finally returned to the trials and quite readily passed the certification.

Through the hard work and dedication of many individuals, the Tucson Sector BORSTAR canine teams now additionally carry certifications from NSDA in Back Tracking.

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