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Off Leash Training

The best off leash training methods I have found are to follow the basic training foundation rules. Before you start any training session you should have exercised your dog to calm them down and get the kinks out. This allows the dog to focus more and often learn faster.

The beginning work area should be free of distractions and enclosed since we will be working with no leash. As mentioned previously, you should have attained a certain level of success on training with a leash before you ever start off leash training.

It helps to have a plan of training that can be followed over multiple sessions and has progressive goals. I start off with the basics, sit, stay, and come commands. I increase the distance as the training continues until I get consistent results.

Next I go with the basic heel command and work from there to more complicated activities. Heeling is easy in a controlled environment, but we will move to an area with distractions later on in the training to emulate more real world situations.

Depending on your dog’s breed and what you want to accomplish, the next choices could be whatever you desire. Once you have some positive results you can start to provide more distractions. One of my dependable distractions is our two cats. They absolutely love my dog (he can take them or leave them) and try to rub up against him all the time. When not training he is free to move away but he knows that when he is under command, he has to sit there and take it like a man.

One of the true tests of a well trained dog is when they obey commands with temptation all around. In the real world there will be cats that dash by, other dogs, garbage to eat, you name it. That’s when all the time spent training can really pay off and make your life a lot easier taking your dog out. Off leash training is necessary to achieve a well mannered dog when not on a leash. Off leash training is the next logical step after you have conquered the basic commands on a leash.

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