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Recovering With Four-Legged Friends Requires Less Pain Medication

Adults who use pet therapy while recovering from total joint-replacement surgery require 50 percent less pain medication than those who do not.

Dogs Can Classify Complex Photos

Like us, our canine friends are able to form abstract concepts.

Toxins: Water, Vaccines & Air

For those that care about their health I am sure the Vaccine and water information is nothing new, but I had no idea what was going on over our heads! Very interesting.

Serrapeptase the Miracle Enzyme?

I don't have any health issues with my Blue Lacys, but I do have my Frenchie females on this. It eats dead tissue and scar tissue from their C-section surgeries and leaves the healthy tissue to create a healthier Uterus. If you have a dog that has had a surgery or any of the other multiple things this works on it would be worth your time to do some research on it.

The Healing Power of Proteolytic Enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes have a long history of use in cancer treatment.

2 New Chemical Free/Non-Toxic Flea & Tick Repellents ~

TickLess Pet Ultrasonic Repellent & Sentry Natural Defense Natural Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs

New USDA proposed law~

Watching the horrible commercials of puppy mill conditions and assuming this bill is aimed at them is no excuse for not educating yourselves and knowing what this bill is really about. Just the fact that HSUS has come right out and publicly attacked the AKC for fighting against it should tell you there is something definitely up.

Join Us To Protect Small Breeders~

The USDA is looking to pass a law that would affect any breeder with more than 4 bitches who places a puppy over the internet. This means the USDA will force you to raise your puppies in a “whelp building”. You must keep your dogs in “a clean and sanitary manner” which means cages with wire flooring. There is no way in hell anybody is going to make me put my babies in jails/cages just because I produce litters from time to time and find loving families over the internet. This bill would only force small breeders to breed in an inhumane puppy mill fashion.

Spay or Neuter Your Dog?

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to spaying & neutering. Here is a list of both so you may make a more informed decision.

Rabies Vaccine Challenge Study

A fund has been set up to support a long-term Rabies Vaccine Challenge Study.


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