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Peanut Balls ~ Fun Training & Exercising

Many dogs are lacking strength in the core muscle group: the lower back and abdominals. In performance dogs we see many lower and mid-back problems as well as iliopsoas strains. In non-performance dogs, the first place we see weakness in aging dogs is usually the hind end and lower back. Working your dog on a Therapy Ball, EggBall, or PhysioRoll is an excellent and safe way to develop these muscles, which will aid in the reduction and prevention of problems.

But better core strength is only one of the benefits gained from regular workouts on the ball. Ball work improves your dog’s balance and body awareness, increases his range of motion and flexibility, improves his reflexes, and leads to increased muscle tone and endurance. Ball work is an excellent cross-training activity you can do in the comfort of your living room regardless of the weather.

I recommend the Peanut Balls. The Peanut Balls are suitable for working on core strengthening, balance, flexibility, and coordination activities with any size of dog. They can also be used for animal rehabilitation and therapy. Be sure to check out the “Get on the Ball Two” DVD you can find both at Clean Run:

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