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PETA’s Sea Kittens: Coming to a Dictionary Soon?

Instead of simply embracing silly PR stunts, PETA, the nation’s most outrageous animal rights group, is now attempting to get its preferred term for fish, “sea kitten”, used as a synonym in the dictionary.

PETA has petitioned Merriam-Webster, one of the largest producers of dictionaries in the nation to include “sea kitten” as a synonym for “fish” in upcoming editions.  PETA claims that the term is becoming increasingly popular since it started a marketing campaign in 2008 using the phrase.  It further claims that “sea kittens” are just as intelligent as dogs and cats.

PETA may end up disappointed, however.  According to statements from editors at Merriam-Webster, they have indicated it is highly unlikely that the term will be appearing anytime soon in the dictionary.  They state that words are only included after they become widely used or defines something that did not previously have a name.

What will they think of next?*

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