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Poison Control Hotlines for Pets

I wanted to pass this information on to you regarding Poison Control hotlines for pets.  Early this morning Kael decided to get up on the bathroom counter and chew up a partially used tube of Neosporin.  I have no idea what possessed him to do that as he NEVER does stuff like that.  The only thing I can think of is that he was jealous because I had just used it on a small cut that Loki had.  Hard to follow how a BC’s mind works sometimes!
Anyway, I called my vet who is also one of the best 24/7 Emergency vets in the area and was told I needed to contact the poison control hotline for pets first (apparently this is a standard operating procedure with many vets).  This kind of threw me because the one time I had to call in regard to a potential poisoning with one of my kids, my HMO kept me on the line while they called Poison Control.  I was thinking it worked the same way for animals – not!.  Anyway, my vet gave me ASPCA’s Poison Control’s phone number.  What they didn’t tell me that the ASPCA charges $60.00 per incident.  I’m not knocking ASPCA’s hotline and I realize that ASPCA is funded solely by donations, but I thought that cost was a little out of line for a phone call to tell me whether or not I needed to take my dog in to the vet.

Because regular Neosporin (not the one with Pain Relief) is an anti-bacterial and I recognized that the inert ingredients (same oils used in cooking and cosmetics) would most likely not be toxic in small quantities I decided to take a few minutes to quickly look online for an alternative Poison Control number for pets (Please note, I would have called ASPCA in a heartbeat and not wasted any time if I had any doubts whatsoever about the toxicity of something).  I found Pet Poison Helpline which is also a 24/7 service and they only charge $35.00 per incident as they also receive no funding.  That covers the initial consultation as well as all follow up calls associated with management of the case.  They have board certified veterinary internal medicine (DACVIM) and emergency critical care (DACVECC) specialists and have managed over 750,000 cases involving pet poisonings.  They give treatment advice for canine, feline, avian, small mammals, large animals and exotic species (on a per incident fee basis).  They were extremely helpful, professional and courteous on the phone.

Luckily Kael should be fine with the exception that he’s likely to have a few bouts of diarrhea due to all the oils in the ointment.  They did advise watch him closely today (just in case) and give him a little food to help move things through his system.

Anyway, I wanted to pass on both poison control telephone numbers to everyone to have handy because you don’t want to have to waste time looking up numbers or making extra calls if your pet gets into something and time could be critical.

The ASPCA’s Poison Control Hotline is 888-426-4435 and the per incident cost is $60.00.  Their website is

The Pet Poison Helpline is 800-213-6680 and the per incident cost is $35.00.

Their website is

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