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Potty Training Made Easy~

The first step in the process of potty training is to take your puppy outside first thing in the morning and about ten minutes after they eat. Also take them outside right before bed time. While you are at home try to take them outside every hour and let them wander around in the zones where you would like them to do their business. Watch and learn for the signs that indicate your puppy needs to go to the bathroom (such as searching for a place to go) and act quickly. All of this will take patience and time on your part but it is well worth every minute of time spent. Learn and verbalize a command for them to go outside. Something as easy as “Time to Go Outside” will enable your puppy to learn to become excited about going outside to relieve themselves.

As a breeder I feel it is my responsibility to start a puppy on the road to potty training if not have them completely potty trained by the time their new owners take over. This is my method of potty training:

First step:

As soon as puppies are old enough to walk around in the whelping box I have a very defined area where they sleep and where they go potty. By keeping the sleeping area very clean they learn where to go potty by smell. Dogs are den animals and naturally don’t want to go potty where they sleep and hang out.

Second step:

A few weeks later when they are old enough to climb through the doggy door I move them to that set up. I have an Xpen very tight around a doggy bed. Their only option is to be in their bed or go out through the doggy door. Although accidents do happen for the most part they will automatically go out the doggy door to go potty. Again this depends on keeping the bedding very clean so they don’t think they are supposed to go potty there. I just push them through the doggy door a few times to show them it’s an option. I have a very small secured yard just for puppies.

Step 3:

When puppies are easily using the doggy door on a regular basis and accidents have pretty much stopped I make the area larger. They now have area to play with a bed and access to a doggy door that isn’t very far away. When accidents have stopped I remove the Xpen and they have access to the whole room.

This method does not take the place of taking potty breaks. Every couple of hours I say “come on let’s go potty” and lead them all outside. So they have learned to go potty when told AND to use a doggy door.

When going to their new homes I suggest they set up their doggy door like step two for a couple of days. When not playing with new puppy place in the xpen so they learn to use the doggy door in a new environment. You can even shorten this process by taking your puppy to the doggy door and treating him going in and out to get him used to your doggy door. Take him/her outside every couple of hours and sneak back in while they are doing their business. When they come back in through the doggy door be ready with lots of praise and yummy treats.

If you don’t own a doggy door just be sure to take your puppy out every couple of hours and be ready with quick praise and doggy treats when they go potty. In this way you ease your puppy into a new environment and are picking up with the potty training they already know by just reinforcing it. Potty training is a snap with a puppy that has had very few to no accidents from very early on and no chance to learn bad habits.

If your puppy has had no previous training, just start from the beginning and be very patient through each step. Remember you are unteaching bad habits as well as teaching new. It will take a while longer, but this is still the easiest way to go about it in my opinion. If you have a different method please share it.

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