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Preventing/Fixing Hip Dysplasia ~

As a follow up to the discussion now going on at the TLGDA forum about the poor lady whose very young dog has been diagnosed with severe Hip Dysplasia. Since I am of course banned from that forum I figured I would post here in the hopes it would reach this dog owner before considering total hip replacement surgery.

They are mentioning on that site that it is caused by line breeding or in breeding. Simply isn’t true. Your dogs are either genetic carriers of the problem or not. So yes, it is even more important to make sure you are breeding healthy dogs when line breeding since you are going to be doubling up on the good genes as well as the bad. Trying to avoid the problem by not doing line breeding is ridiculous as is proven by the dog under discussion.

A rather enlightened person did mention vitamin C as a preventative to Hip Dysplasia (but questioned its effectiveness). Not quite, but she is on the right track. The reason you don’t want to use vitamin C is because it is pretty useless for the fast digestive system of dogs. Vitamin C is also very acidic and upsets dogs stomachs, but it is also slower getting out of the blood serum, so it passes through the kidneys, where much of it is rapidly lost in the urine without any benefit to the dog. Good information is so hard to find and seems to be non existent on that site. So here is what I would recommend:

Ester C is the route all these breeders and owners would want to take. Ester-C is molecularly locked to calcium, so it doesn’t cause the acidity problems normally associated with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), which can upset a dog’s stomach. Ester-C also has natural C metabolites that get it into the cells faster and more effectively so your dog can actually benefit from it.

Studies have proven its effectiveness in preventing hip dysplasia. Owners also need to remember not to feed too much protein. A high protein puppy food or too much fed to a puppy contributes to growth spurts and the bones can’t keep up.

To this lady I would recommend very high doses of Ester C before even considering surgery. It is very likely she wouldn’t even need the surgery. No it won’t cure the bones, but somehow it fixes the pain with improvements to the problem. Here would be the dosage for treatment:

First of all there is no danger of overdosing on Ester C so don’t worry about that. You would feed large quantities increasing until your dog has loosened stools, then dosage should be backed off a gram or so at a time until the stools become firm again. At which point you know your dog is receiving the maximum Vitamin C that he/she can utilize.

Although this doesn’t completely fix the bones it will show improvement in a relatively short period of time. It does fix the lameness and the pain associated with Hip Dysplasia. Dr. Berge has done testing on this. His testing revealed that 75 percent of the dogs rapidly improved on Ester-C, some only slightly, some almost totally. Dr. Berge added that large amounts of Vitamin C metabolites, substances essential to a body’s metabolic processes, are required in rebuilding diseased joint tissue. Your dog can live to a ripe old age without the pain or lameness making them unable or unwilling to track. *

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