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Puppy Attacking Ankles ~ Training

He also will attack your feet on the stairs (I understand…puppy) and I just stop and urge him down in front of me but when you get to the bottom, he will take a chomp of your calf and clamp on and growl. He’s not after your leg he’s after your pants. I’ve lost many a pair of nice pants to it before training was done. Prey drive is the same thing that makes a puppy grab something to play tug with you. A pants leg is basically the same thing as waving a towel or rag to play tug in front of their nose. Just immediately stop and say “Ah Ah” a little loudly and he will stop instantly. If he starts at you again just repeat. They say it takes a human 7 times to repeat something before they learn it and 14 for a dog. It’s very normal for a puppy to attack your pant legs while your walking, but it can hurt him if you let him. It could even pull puppy teethe or dislocate his jaw. Puppies want to play constantly and will try to play with everything.

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