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Puppy Biting ~ Email Question

I have to pick your brain about Blue Lacys since you know so much! We love Blue and are having a great time with him but we seem to have a situation that we need to remedy. I will preface it all with I know he’s a puppy and these are puppy traits. We are going to training this week with the kids so they can learn too and we hope this will curb it somewhat. He jumps and when you turn your back and cross your arms (like I read about) he tends to take the hint and move along except with our youngest. He will do it and Blue will continue to jump or bite him in the bum until he falls down then he chews on him. He has bit him a few times on the back of his neck, arms and legs. I have been closely watching him to make sure he isn’t taunting the dog or egging him on and he is not. Sometimes he will be sitting outside playing in the sandbox and Blue will run up to him, jump on his head and start biting. I will say Alex will dance around some and try to get the dog to play with him when we’re playing catch in the back but it’s not very frequent because he learned that Blue will bite him. He views the kids in the family as litter mates. You need to react to biting differently than unwanted behaviors which turning back is very good for. Litter mates bite each other constantly and very roughly, the fact that he does it more so to the smallest child is because he’s of course closest to his size. Litter mates learn bite inhibition by squealing. Practice real loud high pitched squeals when he bites, doing so immediately. If this doesn’t work fall back on the old never fail water bottle. Get small spray bottles and set them all over the house. The idea is to hide it so he doesn’t see it. When he bites spray him in the face and quickly hide it again so he doesn’t know where it came from.

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