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Puppy Biting Training

There are some natural ways to help produce that bite inhibition and some simple training ways..

1. Let mother wean them. She will let them know when they are too rough. I see the quickest results this way.
2. Be sure they play together as a litter.
3. Yes, saying OUWW!!!! in a high pitched voice sometimes works, but dogs with high prey drive will hear you as prey and may actually become more aroused and bite or go after you harder. (this is especially true of the herding breeds and some Labradors).
4. I will take the little fold of skin just behind the neck and give a little pinch, gently at first along with the OUWWW! If that doesn’t stop it, then a bit firmer pinch. I graduate the pinch depending on how much the puppy needs to stop. Cool thing about this is that the puppy never sees your hand as the bad guy because he can’t see the hand that pinched him.
5. I teach “Leave it” as soon as the puppies are eating some solids, which mean about 4 weeks old. I put a yummy snack in my hand (even a ball of some cream cheese or a little hamburger), hold my hand closed and when they take their mouth OFF my hand I say LEAVE IT (so they hear the word when their mouth is OFF my hand), then open my hand and gentle push the food into their mouth. Very very quickly they learn, mouth OFF means I get that yummy treat. If I do this once a day, by the time they are 7-8 weeks, they never try to grab food or bit your hand. I do this with their food bowl as well….drop a treat in. leave my hand in the bowl, when their mouth goes away from my hand in the bowl, they can have the treat. This teaches them 2 things, 1. mouth off the hand means I get food. 2. Good things come from hands near the bowl. Now the pup learns that when kids come by the food bowl, there is no reason to get nasty and prevents food aggression from the get go.

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