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Puppy Game For Future Tracking

Find a leather article such as a glove or an old wallet. Place a treat in it and hide it in the room. When your pup finds it play and tug with him/her and then stop to praise and make a big production out of giving the treat out of the item. You can quickly graduate to just leather and keeping the treat with you in your bait bag. Keep in mind puppy jaws are still easily dislocated when playing tug and baby teethe are not that strong.

Since I do beginner tracking with pups using beef Jerky I suggest using beef Jerky to start so they have an idea of what they are expected to do. They will of course instantly put their noses to the ground when they get a whiff of beef Jerky, so I suggest the article be placed on the ground where they can easily get to it. Progressively make the article harder to find and get to.

This is also a great game to play in colder weather when you don’t want to go outdoors. It is also suitable for all breeds and older dogs as a fun way to spend time with your dog and get them to use their noses at the same time.

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