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Puppy Training~ “Come” Command

Our second goal is to start teaching to come. You won’t actually be saying the “come”command until they are coming to us at top speed since our goal is to have them “come” as fast as possible. You will be starting out with a short distance and then run farther and farther backwards. The farther you end up running backwards will be in direct proportion to how far your puppy can be away from you and still come when called. Run backward 20 feet and puppy can be 20 feet from you when called to come. Farther than 20 feet and puppy won’t think he needs to come to you. You can add even more distance by starting with your puppy a short distance from you and calling them while you run backwards doubling the distance you can run backwards since they are of course much faster than you are at running.

Our third goal for this lesson is to release your puppy. This frees your puppy from any exercise and later will be a reward in itself. This can be whatever they like to do, but hopefully it is to play with you, since you want your puppy to associate fun with you. You want to always remember to release your puppy and not let them release themselves.

1.Always call your puppy using the same tone of voice. When your puppy looks at you, excitedly praise him “good boy”and treat. Walk away and repeat. If your puppy ever ignores you get close enough to let him smell the treat and try again. Do this from time to time throughout your day.

2.While holding a treat, call your puppy. When he looks at you hold the treat out in front of you and walk backwards while showing him the treat. If your puppy doesn’t follow try tapping your leg with your other hand. Wiggle the fingers of the hand with the treat so it catches his attention and he can see/smell it. After a few steps stop to let him reach your hand to get the treat while telling him what a “good puppy” he is. Increase the distance you walk backwards each time.

3.Grab your puppys favorite toy and encourage your puppy to play. When he starts to play encourage with praise “good boy”.

Keep in mind the faster you run backwards away from your puppy the faster they will run towards you. This will be the speed they ultimately run to you when called.

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