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Puppy Training~ Intermediate

2. Sit-from the front position
Stand in front of the dog. While the dog is in the down position,
hold the treat in your right hand and lift as you command the dog
to “Sit”. If he fails to respond, tug upward while holding the
leash in the left hand. Give the command “No”, step forward and
move the right hand upward, and again give the command “Sit”.
Pet and praise when he responds. – OR –

From the down position, step in front of the dog. As you lift your
right hand, command the dog to “Sit”. Step forward and let the dog
see the treat. Step back with the treat in your hand so that the
dog follows it, then bring your hands up and command the dog to
“Sit”. To correct, with the leash in the left hand, tug toward you
as you give verbal and hand signal to “Sit”. Praise and pet when
he responds.

Down-from front position
From the sit position, leave your dog. Face the dog and command
him “Down”. Lift the right hand and hold a treat in it as you do
this. To correct, tug toward you with left hand, say “No”, and
move right hand in a downward motion as you command “Down”.

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