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Puppy Training~ Turns/Down

Practice the following turns:

Turn against your dog (U-Turn to the left, toward your dog)
Begin walking with your dog in the neutral position. Hold the
leash in your right hand. Stop. Step back with left leg and turn.
Simultaneously tug on the leash, and command “Heel”. As you do
this, bring the leash behind your back and switch to the left
hand. Signal the dog’s position and praise the dog if he obeys.
Continue forward. Switch the leash to right hand.

Practice the following two stays:
From the neutral position, command the dog to “Sit”. Praise the
dog if he obeys. To correct, say “No” as you tug the leash and
command the dog to “Sit” once again. Give the hand signal for
“Stay”. Pivot around to the front of the dog and walk backward to
the end of the leash, while commanding the dog to stay. (Use both
verbal and hand signals.) Hold the leash loosely in the left hand.
Take the right hand and place underneath the leash with the
fingers under the leash and the thumb over the leash. If the dog
moves from his position, say “No” as you move the right hand
upward to give the leash a tug. Command him again to “Sit, Stay”
and praise. (The upward movement with the hand is the signal for
sit.) Have him hold this position for a minute or so.

At the end of the work session, and from the “Sit, Stay” position,
ask the dog to come. Reel in the leash as you move backward and
command him to “Sit” in front of you. Pet and praise.

Down the dog (Down-Stay)
Standing beside your dog from the heel position or neutral
position, switch the leash to the left hand. Take your left hand,
in a palms-down position, and place on the leash as close to the
dog as possible and gently push down toward your left heel as you
command the dog “Down”. If the dog resists, you may use your right
hand to gently push his front legs down. Command him to “Stay”.
Hold leash in your left hand. Praise. Pivot in front of the dog.
Stay close. Have him “Stay” for a minute or so. To correct:
command “No” as you tug in a downward movement, then command
“Stay” and praise. *DogSkool

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