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Question: When does a bitch have the greatest risk of Pyometra if she hasn’t ever been bred?

Some of your responses:

I don’t have any numbers or stats, but I’ve had two girls go thru it. Both were over five years old, never had puppies. Both of them on their second attempted breeding developed pyo. I am starting to believe that had I not attempted the second time they would not have had pyo. I would be interested in any studies as well.

After the first heat, the risk increases with each heat. I have had 4 differend girls pop a pyo and all of them were older than 5. On another group I am on there was a pup that had a pyo and had an emergency spay yesterday due to the pyo. I do believe that she was around 8 months. When the owner kept telling the symptoms, it sounded like pyo but the age was so deceiving. With a lot of encouragement she had the pup seen yesterday and sure enough, that is what it was. So I guess that it can happen after the first heat if bacteria gets into the uterus.

I have only had it (pyo) once in 20+ years… If you are at all worried about it, cover the bitch with antibiotics
during /post season and post whelping time …. Aso if you breed the girl you can cover her for the first ten days and the last ten days to be sure all is okay…. I have 15yo here who is not neutered, cannot
have an anesthetic for health reasons, I just cover the seasons with AB’s …Now don’t jump on me for using excess AB’s this is not the case at all, but they certainly can be used as an option if you don’t wish to or are not ready to neuter….Jan …..

I can tell you I do not worry about it until my girls are 3 yrs old as 3 yrs seems to be the time unbred bitches are at risk….or if 3 yrs between litters.

I had a one year old longdog bitch on her first heat get pyo. It was partly open, she had a little bit of bloody (no pus) discharge, NO odor, acted normal, but she started getting big and ran a low fever. My research and the e-vet who spayed her agreed that it is extremely rare in such a young bitch, the vet had never seen pyo in a young bitch before. This bitch is an avid poop eater and I think since the cervix was open some bacteria managed to get in while she was cleaning herself.

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