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Raw Diet ~

A good dog food is going to cost you at least two -three dollars a pound, even more. It is two cups of my dog food to make a pound and two cups is what I feed one dog in a day. If you are feeding a cheap grocery store dog food you are probably feeding twice that. Here is a fantastic place for raw that has the organs and bones already mixed in with it: You can get it for a fantastic price of only $1.20 a pound and it comes in a 5lb chub. I just ordered some with the necks for variety. I am switching allĀ  my Lacys over to it. Most raw diets add all kinds of veggies they can’t digest (cheaper than meat) and want 4-5 dollars a pound for it. So I am ecstatic to have found this place. It takes two cups of my dog food which costs $2 to make one meal. It takes one pound of raw for only around $1.80 including shipping and container. So not only much healthier, but cheaper too! Go figure.

Now I just take a shaker and shake on some probiotics and sea kelp. I break a capsule of Transfer Factor on top. I give a gel cap of Norwegian Salmon oil which they think is a treat and they are good to go. This is my game plan for keeping my dogs healthy and longer living. If you have any ideas or your own great game plan please feel free to share it with us. If you have any questions or want to see how my dogs are doing on this plan feel free to Email me:

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