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Resources For Dogs

pawprint.gif Agility

Agility – an introduction to the sport
– a newer dog sport, and Agility in Finland
– an introduction to this sport and to training styles in both Britain and America
Agility – an exciting and competitive sport for dogs and handlers
Agility as a Fun Sport
– from Australia
Agility Competition – your first show
Agility is Fun – introduction and training guide online

Agility – A Dog Sport Guide – a wealth of online resources from new3.gif (284 bytes)
Archive of Agility & Obedience Articles
Dog Agility – overview of the fastest growing sport in North America and why dog owners should get involved
Dog Agility Pageplus Agility FAQsFIVE all from
the Dogpatch
Dog Agility Pioneer – with photos
Flygility – mixing elements of agility and fly ball
Iron Dogs – high-performance dogs in agility and more
Sport of Agility – from the AKC

pawprint.gifFlyball, Frisbee

Dog & Frisbee Sport – with animations
– with links
Flyball FAQ
Flyball Sport – origins, articles, links
Flying Disc Dog FAQs and Flying Disc Dog Photos
Frisbee Page – from the DogPatch
Frisbee Dogs in Action FIVE with photo gallery

pawprint.gifObedience Competition, Trials

Dog Obedience – regulations, judging, more
Dog Obedience Training – from Cheryl May
Dog Obedience & Training Page – from the DogPatch
Dog Obedience Trials FAQ – by Cindy Tittle Moore
Dog Obedience Trials USA – AKC

Dog Obedience Trials USA – UKC
Importance of Obedience Training

Obedience Training – How & Why from Gwen Bohnenkamp
Obedience for Specific Breeds
Obedience Link Central
– collection of links
Obedience Resources
– from Dr. P
Musical Freestyle
– dancing with your dog
Raising a Puppy to Enjoy Obedience – helpful article new3.gif (284 bytes)
Selecting the Obedience Dog Prospect – helpful article new3.gif (284 bytes)
Teaching a Puppy the Fundamentals of Obedience – helpful article
from Dog Logic new3.gif (284 bytes)
Understanding Dog Obedience Competitions
Understanding Dog Obedience Trials

pawprint.gifWorking Competition, Field Trials [ Top ]

American Hunting Dog Club Hunting Tests – including an overview plus
· Hunting Instincts Test [use left menu]
· Apprentice Hunting Dog Test [use left menu]
· Trained Hunting Dog Test [use left menu]
· Master Hunting Dog Test [use left menu]
Airedale Hunting & Working Competition
AKC & & CKC NAHRA Field Trials and Hunting Tests – all breeds,
from Working Retriever Central
Cow Dog Trials
– new Western sport, from CowDogCentral
Dog Field Trials new3.gif (284 bytes)
Earthdog Trials
– competitive event for dachshunds, terriers
Herding Trials – from Herding on the Web
Hunting Trials
– many links, from Dr. P
Iron Dog Challenge – for working K-9 dogs
Jack Russell Terrier Events – trial events, working certificates
K9 Competitions
– from Western States Police Canine Association new3.gif (284 bytes)
Labrador Retriever Working Certificate Requirements
National Police Dog Field Trials – trial events illustrated
Sporting Dog Trials
– a Springer Spaniel trial, styled after
traditional pheasant hunts
Stock Dogs in Action
Tracking Page – sport overview, links
Tracking Trials – in Finland, with competition in forests
Tracking & Other Performance Events – with Basset hounds
UKC Performance Events – 10,000 annually
Versatile Hunting Dog Tests – from NAVHDA
Working Dogs as Family Pets
Working Trials for Dogs in England and in the United States
Working Dog Program
– for Alaskan Malamutes, including team dog, lead dog and weight-pulling dog
Working Programs for Siberian Huskies: Sled Dog Degree Program and
the Working Pack Dog Program

pawprint.gifThe Work Dogs Do [ Top ]

Assistance Dogs – extensive links from Dr. P
Assistance & Service Dogs – extensive links
Avalanche Rescue Dogs
and more about Avalanche Dogs
Canine Companions for Independence
Canine Work and Sport by Category
– many links
Disaster Search Dogs
– in times of earthquake, tornado,more
Dogs for the Disabled – in the UK
Dogs with Jobs
– meet working dogs, the working breeds
Dogs that Work – features career dogs
Dog’s Work – many different jobs and sports for canines new3.gif (284 bytes)
Finding Pipeline Breaks
– Of Biosensors and Buddy’s Nose
Herding Dog Resources
– from Herders-L
Herding Dogs – from Herding on the Web
Herding Sheep
– the natural instinct of herding dog pup, and
a look at German Shepherds in Herding, with many resources

Herding with Shetland Sheepdogs or with Border Collies including the story, Nop’s Trials
Herding Page – from the DogPatch
Hunting with Hounds
Hunting with Retrievers – from Working Retrievers Central
K9s in the Classroom – teaching safety and K9 careers
Livestock Guardian Dogs
– what’s their job? and Livestock Guardian Dogs
Military Working Dogs
Police Dog Service – in Canada
Police Working Dogs – dogs honored for valor
Police & Search Dogs – working Malinois
Protection Dogs not attack or guard dogs
– with diagram
Search and Rescue Dogs – honoring their contributions in the aftermath of 9/11/2001 and Search & Rescue Dogs and Water Rescue Work
Service Dogs
– basic information on canines assisting people with disabilities, plus official U.S. Service Animal Information new3.gif (284 bytes)
Service Dogs FAQ
– in-depth resource
Sheepdogs to gundogs to rescue dogs
– from Here Boy, a British
site with information from many working dog clubs

Sled Dogs and Sled Dog Racing – a guide from WorkingDogWeb
Sled-Dogs in Teams
– Arctic origins of mushing
Sled Dog Racing – history, training
Therapy Dogs – a primer
War Dogs – America’s forgotten heroes

War Dog Program – U.S. Army’s K-9 Corps
Working like a Dog – a look at dog activities today
Working Dogs FAQs – from Cindy Tittle Moore
Yahoo’s Overview of Working Dogs


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