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Schwarzenegger Vetoes Pro Hunting Bills

California Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes Pro Hunting Bills
California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed two pro-hunting bills towards the end of the California legislative session.  According the Governor Schwarzenegger, he vetoed both Assembly Bill 815 and Assembly Bill 2132 due to their low priority and the fact that he was too busy dealing with a budget crisis.
Assembly Bill 815, makes it clear that the state is solely responsible for the regulation of hunting and fishing, not local authorities. This bill would prevent the possibility of local governments placing unreasonable restrictions and outright bans on hunters and anglers.  It also prevents sportsmen from becoming victims of a patchwork of differing fish and game laws that could change from one township to the next making it impossible to know what’s legal and what’s not.
AB 2132 would have prohibited the intentional removal of a dog’s collar, thus providing protection for sportsmen and their hunting dogs.
Status ABs 815 and 2132 both cleared the California legislature but were vetoed by the Governor.

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