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Second Nature ~

This is a new way to potty train puppies I recently ran across. The highly absorbent litter material is made from paper and wood pulp products. secondnature┬« brand dog litter has special properties, which actually absorb moisture from the bottom up, meaning that your dog’s liquid waste will go to the bottom of the pan and then be drawn up through the litter.

What is the difference between secondnature dog litter and cat litter?
Dog litter is larger in size and more absorbent to meet a dog’s needs. The larger size is advantageous for dogs because it minimizes tracking problems. Dogs do not dig and bury their waste like cats, which is why cats prefer finer material. Cats also urinate less frequently and in smaller amounts than dogs. Unlike some cat litters, the secondnature dog litter does not clump.

It smells like grass making it a great alternative for when your puppy can’t have access to the outside.

Easy to clean, super absorbent and smells like grass so shouldn’t interfere with potty training, just provide an alternative. I will be giving it a try with my next litter.

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