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Animal Rights or Animal Welfare: which is it?

Throughout the first half of the 20th Century, animal owners improved standards of care for their livestock, lab animals, and pets, tossing out harsh, ineffective, and inefficient methods and embracing a kinder, gentler stewardship of animals. Some people talked about the "rights" of animals to food, water, shelter, and care, but the emphasis was on improving the lives of animals utilized by people, not on eliminating human use altogether.

However, by the late 1960s, the term animal rights had taken on new meaning. Giving rights to animals had become a social and political cause, a moral imperative, which demanded that society adopt a new ethic for human/animal relationships. This new philosophy opposed all use of animals, no matter how humane, no matter how responsible, no matter how much benefit was lost to humanity and other animals from such avoidance.

Animal Welfare VS. Animal Rights

The general distinction between these two ideologies is that those promoting animal welfare accept human's dominion over the animals and conclude there should be an ethical concern for their well-being and humane treatment, even if they are livestock destined for slaughter. Animal welfare advocates recognize animals as personal property with an understanding that you can use them as you see fit as long as you are being humane about it.


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