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Why Dogs Have A Hard Time Digesting Grains~

I love the site A great site to find a good dogfood or see how yours measures up.

Controversy Over Menadione in Dog Food

Some call menadione in dog food a necessity. Yet others reject it as a dangerous toxin. So, what exactly is menadione? And why is it being used to make certain dog foods… and not others?

Dog Foods Deliver Toxic Doses of Flouride

With the memory of the melamine pet food scare still fresh in the minds of many, the Environmental Working Group is publicizing a new threat: potentially toxic doses of fluoride in dog food.

An EWG analysis found troubling levels of fluoride in 8 of 10 dog foods tested. The concentration of fluoride was up to 2.5 times higher than the safe level the EPA sets for drinking water. Some puppies may be exposed to five times this limit.

The fluoride in dog food originates in bone meal and animal by-products. EWG recommends choosing dog food brands free of bone meal and meat by-product ingredients like chicken by-product meal, poultry by-product meal, chicken meal and beef meal.

Dog Food

Why no Purina? Because ALL the Purina foods are made out of junk foods --with the primary animal protein being "poultry by-product meal" which, according to the AAFCO dictionary of terms means "heads, feet and intestines, including some manure." Not muscle tissue..not organ meat....poultry (not saying which kind of poultry either) of very low protein value.

Fat Is Your Dogs Friend!

For dogs, “fat is where it’s at.” Fat offers energy, warmth and calories for dogs. Fat is essential for dogs. It is important to offer fat sources from animal based foods. In a normal, healthy dog, fat is easier to digest than proteins or carbohydrates. Studies have shown that animal based fats digest at rates of about 95%. Fat is the main source of energy for dogs, and are found to provide the best source of endurance and stamina for working dogs undergoing stress, such as working dogs.

Are You Poisoning Your Dog? Part 1


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