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DHA~ Fish Oil For Your Blue

How can you evaluate your breeding program if you do not allow that pup to fully utilize all of its potential DNA and become the dog it is supposed to be? Every show dog’s beginning starts shortly after the breeding and the zygotes are forming into tiny show dogs; this is when the greatest and purest potential of every show dog and future breeding stock exists. For the total cumulative life of this dog, whether Best in Show or Field Trial Champion, will never use as much energy as in this first 9 weeks of growth inside the brood bitch. What we do to assist this will determine the unlocked potential in each and every puppy that is produced. This is the only act in dogs that shares all of the body’s resources and the need to replenish becomes a life or death, hour-by-hour survival of the fittest for the puppies and the brood bitch.

Microwaving And How It Affects

I think you need to know the ramifications of using this radiation machine - that is what the microwave really is.

They have been already banned in Soviet Union and that was in 1976.

Microwave cooking is not natural, not healthy and is far more dangerous to the human or dog body than anyone could imagine.

Flouride? You Don’t Want To Know ! !

Flouride? You Don’t Want To Know ! !

Can you imagine the number of law suits if fluoride was recognized as a health hazard?

Independent research studies have shown that fluoride has been directly linked to: kidney and bladder disorders; bone malformation; arthritis; skin disease; calcified deposits in the aorta; interference with thyroid function, causing hypothyroidism; and weakening of the immune system; damage to connective-tissue collagen, to ligaments, tendons, bones, arteries and even DNA. read more

Chlorinated Water? Not For My Dog!!

Chlorinated Water? Not For My Dog!

Chlorine is a halogen that damages enzymes. It does not belong in our bodies!

Chlorine potentiates magnesium deficiency, which can cause almost any symptom you can think of from high blood pressure, to chemical sensitivity or even sudden death. Furthermore it also decreases the absorption while increasing the excretion of calcium and phosphorus. The increased loss of calcium into the urine, promotes osteoporosis. On top of this some people still use plastic water bowls. These absorb and retain numerous toxic materials. Most breeders are aware of the chlorine problem in drinking water, but often overlooked is the fact that bathing in it can have the same effect!! Because skin absorbs it is just like drinking it!! read more


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