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From The Dog Press

Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s Regulatory and Information Czar, is an animal rights advocate with the power to implement PETA and HSUS’ radical animal rights legislative agenda.

The media is also buzzing about Sunstein’s intent to suppress free speech and ban all guns. Many fear he may override or circumvent both the First and Second Amendments. With back-up from the new Cyber Czar, those fears are well founded and I’ll explain why.

ACTION ALERT! They Are Taking Away Our Rights!

We must have lots of "warm bodies" to back up our speakers and try to kill this bill in committee. Martin Kralik and James Dark will be representing and speaking for Responsible Pet Owners Alliance. You can sign a card in opposition to this bill and don't have to speak. If you cannot attend this hearing, please call, fax and email (all three!) to ALL committee members - until noon Wednesday. Contact info and talking points are listed below. Email if you can attend.

In fighting bad legislation, it is NOT advisable to "make it palatable" and harder to defeat. You kill bad bills as written. Please repeat the following sentence in all correspondence to legislators as Californians did with AB 1634, which was eventually defeated after 8 revisions. "This bill is fundamentally flawed and cannot be fixed with amendments!" Also tell them that HSUS and Texas Humane Legislation Network do NOT represent you.

PITA at it again.

As you may know, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) has just announced that it will no longer televise Britain’s Crufts dog show, based on the British Kennel Club’s refusal to exclude from the dog show’s main competitions at least 12 breeds—including the basset hound, the mastiff, the Rottweiler, and the German shepherd—classified as “at risk” (by the Kennel Club itself) for dangerous, often painful physical conditions attributed to overbreeding, as well as the intentional breeding of these dogs purely for looks versus temperament and good health.


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