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The Ten Commandments Of Dog Training And Ownership~!

Instead of coddling and soothing your dog at the first sign of distress, let’s learn to ignore minor stress and moments of uncertainty. Trust that your dog is a creature designed to overcome challenges, and that she is much more resilient than you give her credit for. Like kids, your dog will take cues from your level of reaction as a guide for how strongly they should feel and be concerned about situations.

Being Your Dog’s Leader is Key to Training

Dogs, in their natural state, are pack animals. We tend to think of them simply as autonomous pups and don't often consider their immutable core nature as pack animals, however. This failure to take into account the true nature of dogs can make training more difficult. Likewise, understanding what it means to be a pack animal can unlock one of trainings greatest secrets.

Which Canine Curriculum Should You Choose?

Mech has been studying wolves for 50 years now, yet only over the past decade has he gotten a clear picture of these animals in their natural habitats. And what he’s found is far from the domineering behavior popularized by Millan. “In the wild it works just like it does in the human family,” says Mech. “They don’t have to fight to get to the top.

Dog Tricks Build A Better Bond

You start training your new best friend the day you get him and never stop. Teaching your dog tricks is a great way to develop a strong bond. It teaches your dog to look to you for both fun and yummy treats. Here are just a few fun tricks to teach your dog.

Certified Tracking-Search & Rescue Training

The ABLA is excited to announce Certified Tracking-Search & Rescue Training Classes. We will be offering for the first time a three month, 6 sessions of Canine Search & Rescue, FEMA, Tracking Education and Training. All classes will be outdoors in the Fallon vicinity - education seminars indoors. We welcome Nationally recognized S & R instructor Debra McMahon of current notoriety and mentor for the Douglas County K9 Team, El Dorado Sheriffs Department Canine Team and a W.O.O.F's. Charter member. McMahon has given seminars and K9 evaluations/tests all over the United States for City and County city law enforcement agencies, as well as Search and Rescue organizations.


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