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Celebrating Halloween With Your Dog~

First Halloween with your dog? Here are a few tips to prevent mishaps...

Whole new meaning to tailgating

How many times do you think he gets stopped or at the very least waved at frantically in an effort to stop him?

There is a reason we own Blue Lacys

Another reason we love Blue Lacys so much........

Flouride? You Don’t Want To Know ! !

Flouride? You Don’t Want To Know ! !

Can you imagine the number of law suits if fluoride was recognized as a health hazard?

Independent research studies have shown that fluoride has been directly linked to: kidney and bladder disorders; bone malformation; arthritis; skin disease; calcified deposits in the aorta; interference with thyroid function, causing hypothyroidism; and weakening of the immune system; damage to connective-tissue collagen, to ligaments, tendons, bones, arteries and even DNA. read more


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