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Should You Sterilize Your Puppy?

Most people in the US are familiar with just one type of sterilization for dogs: spaying or neutering. But these are actually desexing procedures that go well beyond simply sterilizing a dog so that he or she can no longer reproduce. Desexing removes hormone-producing organs (the ovaries or testicles) that researchers are now finding are actually quite important to overall health. Studies also indicate that the earlier a puppy is spayed or neutered, the greater the likelihood of health problems later in life. Here are examples of studies evidencing some of these potential issues.

Early Spay-Neuter Considerations

This article provides evidence through a number of recent studies to suggest that veterinarians and owners working with canine athletes should revisit the standard protocol in which all dogs that are not intended for breeding are spayed and neutered at or before 6 months of age.

Waiting to spay/neuter allows the growth plates to close

A long-time breeder of Goldens (now switched to Chin) told me this afternoon that whenever she sold a Golden puppy, she told the buyers NOT to spay or neuter the puppy until 2 years old or the health guarantee was VOID. They need the hormones to keep the hips together while growing. She says there have been articles written about this need for young large breed dogs.


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