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Esbilac, KMR Hoax ~

Food & Drug Administration Tells PetAg That Product Complaint is Spurious Hampshire, Illinois 2/5/10
PetAg announced today that in a February 4 discussion with Food and Drug Administration officials, the company was notified that a complaint received about one of its dry formula products was “spurious.” The FDA official notified the company that it was not conducting an investigation. The company previously notified its customers that it was the victim of an activist group distributing misinformation about the company and itsĀ  products through the internet. PetAg President and C.O.O. Darlene Frudakis said, “We are gratified to learn that the authorities see this malicious campaign for what it is. We will continue to work with all federal authorities and our supply chain to set the record straight about the safety of our products.”
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