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Rabies Surge in Arizona Alert ~ Update

Rabies surge in Arizona Alert ~ Update

The Arizona Republic .
Arizona is in the midst of an ongoing rabies outbreak, prompting a warning from state health officials to stay away from wild animals, particularly those acting strangely or aggressively.

The problem started last year, when there were a record 176 laboratory-confirmed rabies cases, mostly in bats, health officials said.

But since Jan. 1, the trend has become even more pronounced. Fifty-nine animals – primarily skunks and foxes – have tested positive for the viral illness, which can be deadly if not treated quickly.
So far, those rabid animals have exposed seven people and 39 domestic animals to the disease. read more

New, Fast-Evolving Rabies Virus Found — And Spreading

Evolving faster than any other new rabies virus on record, a northern-Arizona rabies strain has mutated to become contagious among skunks and now foxes, experts believe. The strain looks to be spreading fast, commanding attention from disease researchers across the United States.

Big Scam: Rabies Vaccinations

“The only thing rabies vaccination is for is the protection from rabies virus, all other justifiers for the vaccine fall under human control and exist because there are a certain number of humans, connected to animals, who are irresponsible. Rabies is spread by the bite of an infected animal. The number of dog/cat bite cases in the U.S. that expose humans to rabies is as rare as shark attacks. This low incident rate has nothing to do with mandatory vaccination as the number of cases was low before the mandatory requirement. read more


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