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About The Rattlesnake Vaccine

The rattlesnake vaccine is one of about 25 available vaccines for canines. It does nothing to protect the dog against the venom, it merely offers a bit of added comfort and reduced swelling if the dog is bitten. The dog will STILL need treatment for the bite, the vaccine does not prevent the illness that follows. Weigh the mild comfort against the increased risk of kidney disease, and autoimmune disease from over vaccinating.

Rattlesnake Vaccine

It results in serious injury or even death to thousands of dogs each year. Rattlesnake venom is a complex mixture of toxins that spreads through a dog's body following the bite. Red Rock Rattlesnake Vaccine was develpoed specifically to help defend dogs from the dangerous effects of rattlesnake venom. That's rattlesnake protection that will put you and your dog at ease.


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