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Raw Diet ~

We all know the health benefits of feeding raw over all the preservatives found in even the most premium of dog foods. It is so time consuming and expensive to feed raw. I have been doing my best when I buy a whole grass fed cow or buffalo, but even that is expensive.

A Natural Perspective ~ Raw Diet

The objective is basically to feed, over a reasonable time span, as much of a whole prey carcass (less the stomach contents) as can be procured. This is commonly approached using a guideline of approximately 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organs (half the organs being liver), which is tweaked as one sees appropriate.

Diet Causes Cleft Palates/Congenital Defects

Another reason to not feed a raw diet during pregnancy:

No Raw Diet/Calcium For Pregnant Blue Lacy

I was recently asked about raw diet for a pregnant Blue Lacy. The answer is no, do not feed a raw diet to your pregnant Blue Lacy. Here are just a couple of reasons why.

Raw Diet Guide

Because Blue Lacys just like Greyhounds can have such large litters, I start my pregnant bitches on goat's milk when they are seven or eight weeks along, up to a pint a day, and continue until I wean the puppies. A bitch fed goat's milk during lactation will not suffer eclampsia or a calcium imbalance, will provide adequate milk even for the largest litter, and will not lose weight or condition herself. A goat breeder is a dog breeder's best friend.


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