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Teach Your Dog to Track ~ Tracking Tips

Teaching your dog to track takes more time and physical space than any of the basic obedience exercises. Also, some breeds of dogs are better at tracking and have better "noses" than others. Among the better tracking breeds are bloodhounds, beagles, most of the hound breeds, German shepherds and collies. For these exercises you will need some equipment. A harness is necessary for this kind of training, since your dog will be pulling you at times. A slip chain collar won't do, since it will be tightening on his neck. The leash must be at least 30 feet long and be made of a flat fabric or leather if possible.

What Do You Look For In A Tracking Seminar?

#1 - Qualifications. I want to see that the person giving the seminar > has some sort of expertise. Have they titled 100 dogs? Do they have > students who have titled 100 dogs? Have they been a judge for 100 > years? Unless I'm going to a seminar where I am specifically looking > for information outside of my knowledge base, what are the person's > qualifications in the area that I'm interested in? WHY should I think > that this person has anything of value to tell me?

Certified Tracking-Search & Rescue Training

The ABLA is excited to announce Certified Tracking-Search & Rescue Training Classes. We will be offering for the first time a three month, 6 sessions of Canine Search & Rescue, FEMA, Tracking Education and Training. All classes will be outdoors in the Fallon vicinity - education seminars indoors. We welcome Nationally recognized S & R instructor Debra McMahon of current notoriety and mentor for the Douglas County K9 Team, El Dorado Sheriffs Department Canine Team and a W.O.O.F's. Charter member. McMahon has given seminars and K9 evaluations/tests all over the United States for City and County city law enforcement agencies, as well as Search and Rescue organizations.


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