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Types Of Socialization

I mention the two types of socialization in my puppy packet, but here is a whole article on it in more depth. With my first Lacy I socialized her too much and as a result it was a challenge competing in anything with l17her as she was always more interested in running over to meet everyone.

Puppy Biting Training

There are some natural ways to help produce that bite inhibition and some simple training ways..

1. Let mother wean them. She will let them know when they are too rough. I see the quickest results this way. 2. Be sure they play together as a litter. 3. Yes, saying OUWW!!!! in a high pitched voice sometimes works, but dogs with high prey drive will hear you as prey and may actually become more aroused and bite or go after you harder. (this is especially true of the herding breeds and some Labradors).

Puppy Biting Training

When you play with him wrestle and push him a bit with a stuffed animal between you. Lacys use their paws a lot, but if he goes around the toy and gets you with his teethe stop instantly and say “Ah Ah” and wait for him to back off. Wait a second and go back to playing. Sort of put your hand or arm in the way again and when he makes contact repeat the process. This type of play is giving him the fun play he wants and at the same time teaching him to never bite. All fun stops if he bites. read more


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