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The ABC’s Of Dog Breeding

We highly recommend this home study program for those who really want to get serious about breeding top quality dogs.

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding Home Study Program takes a practical, step-by-step approach to the art and science of breeding by focusing on 7 key tools and concepts. These include (1) genetics, (2) breeding systems, (3) pedigree, (4) selection, (5) anatomy, (6) kennel blindness and (7) genetic defects.  Understanding each one of these elements can help breeders put together the pieces for a more successful breeding program. The goal of the ABC’s of Dog Breeding is to provide a home study course for dog breeders by gathering together in one comprehensive program the “need to know” information from the fields of domestic animal breeding and canine genetics.

In addition to discussing the genetic principles of animal breeding, the   ABC’s of  Dog Breeding also addresses many of the common misconceptions that have been handed down from dog breeder to dog breeder. Breeders may fail to reach their full potential in part because they are basing breeding decisions on flawed rules of thumb. A few of these include: (1) the pedigree is more important than the individual dog;  (2) breeding to the littermate of a favored dog is the same as breeding to the favored dog itself; and (3) a dog with straight shoulders can produce well-angled shoulders if its ancestors possess the trait. The reality of these three myths is that: (1) the individual dog is always more important than the pedigree; (2) littermates differ genetically and breeding to a brother or sister of a favored dog is not the same as breeding to the favored dog itself; and (3) a straight-shouldered dog has inherited genes for straight shoulders and is likely to pass these genes on to offspring regardless of ancestors possessing good shoulders.  Many other breeding myths abound.

One aim of the ABC’s of Dog Breeding is to explain why, based on genetic principles, common breeding misconceptions are not valid.  It is important for breeders to have a general understanding of how a sire and dam pass genes on to offspring, since a simplified explanation of this process allows breeders to understand why many myths about dog breeding lack scientific support.

The ABC’s of Dog Breeding Home Study Program is designed to be used as a fundamental course of study on dog breeding for breeders of all breeds. Genetics is a science and the same genetic principles apply in general to all species of domestic animals as well as to humans.  The traditional correspondence school format of the   ABC’s of Dog Breeding allows breeders to work at home and complete the course at their own pace.  Some breeders may complete the workbook exercises, which accompany the textbook, in several weeks; others may take 3 months or a year.  The emphasis is on convenience and flexibility. In its on-going support of breeder education, the American Kennel Club will send a Certificate of Completion to breeders who send in their completed workbook exercises to the AKC Breeder’s Department. Because the principles of genetics apply to all breeds of dogs, the ABC’s is an affordable option for Parent Clubs looking for a foundation course  on dog breeding for their breeder education programs.

You will also automatically be accepted into the ABLA’s Preferred Breeders Program with a free membership to said program upon proof of completion of not already a member of PBP.

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