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The Amazing Phenomenon Of False Pregnancy

This is truly an amazing occurrence you have to see to believe. My girl is an incredible mother she absolutely loves puppies, no matter what bitch had them. She had a case so severe we swore we felt movement. She gained weight even with no extra food and ended up being the same size as her previous litter. She went through a time where she wouldn’t eat. She got milk, nested and when the big day came she panted off and on and then found a cute little stuffed toy she groomed and wouldn’t leave for days. If we went somewhere she would run top speed into the house back to her toy as if it was a pup.

False pregnancies are a part of every bitch’s life. It is almost better to think of it as a pregnancy than a false pregnancy – the point of it is that every bitch’s body responds the same way (releases hormones to sustain a pregnancy) whether or not she is bred. The only difference between pregnant and not is the amount of calories she consumes. That’s why Hutch and every other repro vet I’ve ever asked about it are so serious about not letting bitches go unbred; we think we’re doing them a favor by resting them but we’re not.

The best way to make it subside is to give her a pup to take care of, although not many people have an extra pup around to give a girl. :shrug:

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