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Countless stories of dog expertise and bravery exist. Cargo was a new recruit assigned to Wolf, a veteran scout dog. While on patrol,Wolf alerted. Since Cargo did not see anything, he tried to move forward but Wolf refused to move. Cargo squatted down for a closer look but still did not see anything. When he shifted his weight, the dog moved in front of him, blocking any movement forward. The soldier tried to move forward again and the dog became more adamant. Wolf sank his teeth into Cargos hand and refused to let go. When the dog finally released his grip, Cargo scanned the area again. This time he saw a wire the thickness of a single hair stretched across his path. Wolff had not only saved Cargos life but the lives of those in the patrol as well.

Not all the canines saved their handlers from booby traps. Mac, a scout dog, pushed his handler out of the way just in time to avoid being bitten by a tropical snake. Mac took the bite in his shoulder and survived.

Another dog, Bruiser, dragged his wounded handler to safety. The severely wounded handler told the dog to leave because he did not want Bruiser to see him die. When Bruiser refused to leave, the handler grabbed the dogs harness and the man was dragged a long distance to safety.

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