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Toxic Fluoride Levels in 8 of 10 Pet Foods

Environmental Working Group (EWG), a respected advocacy group in the USA, had testing done by independent researchers who found toxic fluoride levels in 8 out of 10 dog food brands. Fluoride levels ran as high as 2.5 times the EPA’s allowable dosage in drinking water.

Bone meal and animal byproducts appear to be the culprits due to high concentrations of fluoride caused by long periods of steaming in fluoridated water from municipal sources.

Researchers warn against steam processed “meal ingredients” as the first 3 ingredients in pet foods. Processed meat/bone meals include chicken meal, turkey meal, lamb meal, beef meal, and animal byproduct meal, as well as bone meal.

According to the FDA the first ingredient accounts for 95% of the product, so if any of these are first on the list, you probably should not feed that food to any animal. A word of caution: It would be best if none of these ingredients were in pet food but they are often scattered throughout the list.

The FDA requires a warning label on fluoride toothpaste and mouthwashes, but there is no warning (or testing) for fluoride contaminated pet food. Fluoride accumulates in your pet’s bones and other body parts with each meal. Pet foods with high fluoride content can actually cause the skeletal problems that breeders have worked so carefully to breed out. While certain breeds may be genetically predisposed to hip dysplasia, osteosarcoma, kidney dysfunction, or other problems, EWG findings indicate that fluoride shares the blame.

Researchers around the world suggest that fluoride in our water sources appear to be linked to osteoporosis, dental fluorosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and various other health problems in the human population. Skeletal fluorosis is on the rise, but few of us would recognize early symptoms in a dog or cat.

So what is the big deal about fluoride levels? Fluoride contaminated food can be responsible for health problems that affect the brain, skeleton, nerves, thyroid, pineal gland and teeth.

Research shows that fluoride is as poisonous as lead. It is alarming to learn that the EPA allowable level for lead is zero, while the level for fluoride is 4ppm. Fluoride does not appear to protect us from skeletal fluorosis and it is time for the EPA to revise its standards. We have the option to drink fluoride-free bottled water but we must stop the nation’s water supply from being treated with fluoride. Then and only then will meat/bone meals in pet food be safe for your dog or cat. .*Nel Liqurman

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