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Toxins: Water, Vaccines & Air

This explains perfectly why I am such a stickler about dog and puppy vaccinations and not over vaccinating. And why I ask my new puppy owners to request the rabies vac without mercury when they get it at a year old. Yes I ask them to wait until a year old so their immune systems are fully developed and better able to handle the poisons. Also my reasons for not allowing any of my dogs/puppies to drink tap water. They get the same filtered water we drink. *

Here I thought these were just harmless vapor trails. The things I learn between litters with so much research time on my hands. lol I’m looking at air purifiers now. This is bad everywhere, but I’m scared of goin’ to California now. At least some are trying to do something about it. I love the full page add Redding posted in the paper. Fantastic!! *

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