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Transfer Factor ~

Scientifically Studied: 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula was developed by 4Life researchers and scientists in an effort to maximize immune system support. Results of an independent study conducted at the Russian Academy of Medical Science conclusively showed that 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula propelled Natural Killer (NK) cell activity to a remarkable 437 percent above normal immune system response.

4Life Transfer Factor® products have been recommended by the Russian Federation for use in hospitals and clinics. This historic announcement was a result of ten separate scientific trials and two experimental studies extolling the benefits of 4Life Transfer Factor products.

Drs. Greg B. Wilson, Ph.D. and James B. Daily, Jr., Ph.D. – “Transfer factors are small molecular messengers produced by immune T lymphocytes.  The message they provide is a specific description of an invading pathogen.  Using transfer factors, immune T lymphocytes can transfer the ability to recognize and invading pathogen to previously naïve lymphocytes.  In other words, one T lymphocyte tells another what the enemy looks like so that a coordinated attack can be mounted.”No matter what the immune system needs, 4Life Transfer Factor Plus Tri-Factor Formula delivers powerful support to help you achieve a strong and healthy immune system that knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to get it done quickly. It combines the intelligence of 4Life Transfer Factor E-XF™, the intuition of NanoFactor™, and the power of 4Life’s proprietary Cordyvant™ blend to regulate, boost, and balance your immune system. Scientific studies report that this Plus Formula can boost immune cell responsiveness 437 percent above normal immune system response.

“I think a product like Transfer Factor™ needs to be at the root of any prevention program, particularly in the compromised patients, for example, the diabetics…with an increased risk of diabetic amputation, with wounds, and all of the things that we see…We need to have products like Transfer Factor™ at the core of preventative medical programs…We need to get this to the general public. They are at risk also with this expanding epidemic of diabetes.” Dr. Neal Donohu, Director of Surgery, President of World Walk Foundation

Dr. Victor Tutelian, MD, MPH – “Transfer Factor is the most promising breakthrough in health care discovered in the past several decades. We are just beginning to explore all of the potential of transfer factors. Neutriceuticals like TF are the wave of the future.”

Sounds pretty incredible right? So incredible most places want around a dollar a capsule. You of course never want to buy something from a home business type supplier as everything is exorbitant in price so everybody can make money. I found the same stuff for 1/4 of that cost here:

As you know some people are claiming these dogs are prone to auto immune disease. If you have gotten a puppy from those breeders it would be a fantastic idea to get your pup on this now. Don’t forget though, that the largest factor in auto immune disease is over vaccination and vaccinating too young your vaccine sensitive blue dilute breed.

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